I met these two when my wife first started residency here in Temple, Texas. Back then, it was Mr. Klapproth and Ms. Welch (or should I say Drs). Right away we got along well. Shawn had my sense of cynical humor and since Riesa had already latched on to him so might as well get to know her too. 

Fast forward two years and a wedding ring, and they still are this fun and loving couple. It was a fun experience shooting their Christmas session here in Salado (about 20 minutes from Temple). We had decided that we would just do a quick session without props, until we all got there and found out every one had brought props.

We started out in a field near the old College ruins. With the FE 85mm F/1.8 on my new Sony A7III, I quickly set to work. It was a beautiful overcast day and the lens’ impressively sharp wide aperture, I was able to get smooth backgrounds with ease. 

We then moved on to Pace Park (a short 1 minute drive from College ruins) where the Klapproths’ wanted to have some photos with their dogs. The FE 85mm went in my bag and out came my trusty 24-105mm F4 G. The Sony A7III has an incredibly impressive sensor, and low-light shooting even at high ISOs were a breeze. Noise normally associated with high ISOs were almost irrelevant with this sensor. This worked out well due to having to set higher shutter speeds to capture these furry friends, especially the new puppy. 

We then moved on to the last part of the session at a nearby barn with a peculiar decoration made out of old rusty saws (we all had our tetanus shots). Again, the 24-105 F4 G lens performed admirably. We then decided to try our luck playing with fall leaves. The Sony A7III’s amazing 10fps continuous shooting even when in silent shutter was so well suited for this task. It’s autofocus capability really allowed me to maintain eye focus while still banging out shot after shot accurately. I cannot begin to recommend this camera enough!